Child Custody often First Issue in Divorce

Child custody is the first issue which comes in front of the divorcing parents. There are many decisions they have to take regarding child custody like will they want to share joint custody, sole custody or visitation? Who will take care of the children’s education? In this scenario, you can take the help of family law attorney who will give you advice on children and divorce proceedings.

Here we have listed different arrangements for child custody laws in divorce

  • Physical custody
  • Sole physical custody
  • Legal custody
  • Joint physical custody
  • Visitation rights of non-custodial parent
  • Visitation rights of grandparents, step-parents and caretakers
  • Non-parent/ third-party custody or guardianship

There are different facets involved in family disputes so if you want to divorce from your partner then you have to hire a reliable attorney who can help you in your divorce settlements. The family lawyers are well experienced and have specialization in child custody laws in divorce.

Parental custody in divorce is an important consideration in separation cases. It is very difficult to face ugly accusations and courtroom debates which lead to the fights. In the courtroom, judges consider some factors for deciding child custody and visitation rights which includes:-

  • Parent’s relationship with child

Judges take on account that how much each parent is willing to provide all the facilities to the children before and after separation. Child needs special care during divorce process therefore judge takes special care according to it.

  • Parent’s willingness to support children

Court considers the point that whether parents want to cooperate with each other for childrearing or they are just interfere in each other’s matters.

  • Child age

The age of the child is another consideration for parental custody in divorce. Younger children are often handed to mother for custody because they are more close to her and she can support them in better way.

  • Child’s preference

If children are older than court may consider child’s preferences regarding parental custody in divorce and visitation. In most of the divorce cases, court prefers to take child’s point of view on custody matter.

  • Abuse or neglect

If in case court finds any type of evidences regarding abuse or neglect then it can restrict the parents to meet or contact the children.

  • Stability

It is very difficult for children to handle the divorce process of their parents. Therefore judge makes for visitation arrangements so that children recover from this emotional period.

If you are also struggling with your separation issues then hire efficient family law attorney who can give sound advice on children and divorce.