Alabama Grounds for Divorce

Code Section
30-2-1 to 12

At least one party must be resident and must have resided 6 months prior to filing.

Waiting Period
30 days from date of the filing of the summons and complaint

No Fault
Irretrievable breakdown; separation (2 yrs.).

Condonation, (not if parties connived to commit adultery). Collusion

Adultery; cruelty or violence; drug/alcohol addiction after marriage; insanity (in mental hosp. for 5 successive yrs.); pregnant at time of marriage without husband’s knowledge; imprisonment for 2 yrs. if sentence is 7 yrs. or longer; crime against nature with mankind or beast before or after marriage; incompatible temperaments; voluntary abandonment from bed or board for 1 yr.; wife lived apart for 2 years without husband’s support while she’s residing in state; at time of marriage, incapacitated from entering married state.

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