Arizona Grounds for Divorce

Code Section
Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act §§25-311 et seq.

One party must be Arizona domiciliary and presence has been maintained 90 days prior to filing for divorce.

Waiting Period
If one party denies that marriage is irretrievably broken, court may order conciliation conference and matter is continued for 60 days; at next hearing, court makes finding whether marriage is broken as a result of “no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.” 25-316

No Fault
Irretrievable breakdown; separation (both parties must consent and relationship must be irretrievably broken).

Only defense is that marriage is not irretrievably broken.

Only requirement is that relationship is irretrievably broken and the court has made provisions for child custody, support, disposition of property, and support of spouse. Covenant marriage: adultery, conviction of felony, abandonment for one year; sexual abuse; living apart for 2 yrs., or 1 yr. after legal separation; drug/alcohol abuse; both spouses agree

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