New Hampshire Grounds for Divorce

Code Section
458 et seq.

Both parties domiciled or plaintiff was domiciled and defendant was personally served or plaintiff domiciled in state at least 1 yr. before action.

Waiting Period
No special provision

No Fault
Irreconcilable differences; separation (absent 2 yrs.)

Common law defenses: condonation, connivance, recrimination, insanity a factor, but not defense

Adultery; cruelty or violence; drug/alcohol addiction; impotency; nonsupport; unexplained absence (for 2 yrs.); conviction of crime (with imprisonment for more than 1 yr.); joining religious group believing the relation of husband and wife unlawful and refusal to cohabit for 6 mos.; refusal to cohabit for 2 yrs.

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