Tennessee Grounds for Divorce

Code Section
36-4-101, et seq.

No residency required if acts committed while plaintiff was resident; or if grounds arose out of state and plaintiff or defendant has resided in state 6 months preceding filing (1 yr. prior for military personnel or spouse).

Waiting Period

No Fault
Separation of 2 yrs. with no minor children; irreconcilable differences.

For adultery, defense if complainant guilt of like act, or had sex with spouse after adultery with knowledge; or husband solicited wife for prostitution or exposed her to lewd society that ensnared her to adultery.

Adultery; cruelty or violence including attempted murder of the other; desertion for 1 yr. or absent state for 2 yrs.; drug/alcohol addiction; impotency; pregnant at time of marriage by another man, without knowledge of husband; offers indignities that renders other spouse’s condition/life intolerable, conviction of infamous crime or felony; previous marriage unresolved; also irreconcilable differences; lived separately without cohabitation for 2 continuous years and there are no minor children; abandonment or refusing/neglecting to provide when having the ability to do so.

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